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Worker Carrying Asbestos Board

Asbestos Remediation

 Asbestos was utilized in B.C. as a building material up until the early 1990s, and as a result, it can be found in many materials in older buildings. Exposure to asbestos can cause serious long-term health issues or even death, so if you suspect asbestos is present, do not touch or move it! Instead, asbestos removal can be executed safely by experts (like us!) through a remediation process where all asbestos containing materials are extracted, encapsulated and removed with extreme caution and in accordance with WorkSafe BC guidelines and safe work procedures.

Mold Remediation

Common molds can come in almost any colour, and while they often look like nothing more than a stain or smudge, can also come in almost anywhere on the "Cause for Concern" scale. Thanks to an ideal environment here on Vancouver Island, the presence of molds both common and requiring professional remediation  are prominent. You'll want to protect your health and home from the harmful effects of mold and its spores, and be proactive when it comes to future outbreaks by ensuring any mold removal is done right — and we're unrivaled at doing it.

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Lead Remediation

It only takes very low levels of lead absorption to do harm to children, in particular, to the intellectual and behavioral development of infants and children. Lead-based paint is a common and dangerous source of lead in the home, and trying to remove it yourself may only amplify it's harmful effects. Even simply repairing this paint or disturbing it through normal wear-and-tear can expose you and your home to health risks. Luckily, precautions taken through professional remediation can drastically reduce this dangerous exposure while getting rid of it for good. 

General Demolition

Whether you're looking to wipe the slate clean with a major demolition or you're looking for a detailed deconstruction, we approach residential demolition and removal as respectively and regardfully as the rest of our unrivaled services — In other words, we integrate as much of our smarts and skills into smashing as we do into sampling! 

Wall Demolition
Crime Scene Tape

Clandestine Lab

The chemicals used in clandestine labs can contaminate structural materials, systems and even soils. They are always a cause for concern until they've been properly decontaminated. Which is where we come in! We provide cleanup related to clandestine drug labs (even if only drug paraphernalia is found) that involves the careful removal of substances as well as 3 dimensional cleaning of all surfaces.

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ParksvillE Branch
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