Asbestos Sampling
Asbestos can be found in thousands of building materials. Asbestos sampling involves taking small samples of building materials to determine if they are containing asbestos.
If you are renovating and your home was built in 1990 or pre dates 1990, you must have your building materials tested for asbestos. This includes drywall, texture ceiling, sheet vinyl flooring, wallpaper, tar paper, ceiling tiles, mastic, brick & mortar, vermiculite and many more.   
Asbestos Remediation


Exposure to asbestos can cause serious long-term health issues and even death. Asbestos was widely used in B.C. as a building material until the early 1990s, and it can be present in many areas of older buildings. If you suspect asbestos is present, do not touch or move it. 

Asbestos remediation is a process where Asbestos containing materials are removed and encapsulated in a safe manner from the home. All remediations are performed in accordance with WorkSafe BC guidelines and safe work procedures. 

Lead Remediation


Medical and scientific research shows that absorption of even very low levels of lead into the blood may have harmful health effects on the intellectual and behavioral development of infants and young children.

Lead-based paint is a dangerous source of lead but precautions can be taken to reduce exposure. Removing, repairing or disturbing lead paint through normal wear-and-tear such as paint on doors, windows, stairs and railings can expose you and your family to health risks.

Mould Remediation


Mould is the common word for any fungus that grows on food or damp materials. Mould can be black, white or almost any colour. It often looks like a stain or smudge and it may smell musty.

In order to grow, mould needs moisture and a material it can live on. It then releases "spores" into the air which are small enough that people can actually breathe them in. Breathing in large amounts of these spores and the by-products they produce can negatively impact your health.

Trauma Cleanup


We understand that some biohazard events could be sensitive and must be handled with empathy, care and discretion. Our Trauma cleanup includes bodily fluids, blood and virus contamination.


Clandestine Lab 


We provide cleanup related to drug labs or just drug paraphernalia found in residential households. We will perform removal of the substances as well as a 3 dimensional cleaning of all surfaces. 



If you are looking for residential  demolition and removal,    we can do that!

Estimate & Consultation


Whether you need solid advice or are looking for an estimate of sampling or remediation costs, we offer a free, no obligation service to assist you.